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Welcome Everyone!

This is the Christian Bale Fan Community on Dreamwidth.

This community will include all sorts of Christian Bale related goodies, including (but not limited to):
  • Fan Discussion
  • News & Exclusives
  • Fan Art & Fan Fiction
  • General Droolage
  • Picspams
  • Icons & Graphics
  • Mooooorrrreeeeeee!
This community offers open membership and free posting for all, so get in there and fangirl/boy!

A few community rules to start:
  1. Please be respectful to all members.
  2. No posting of illegal materials.
  3. Try to keep it Christian Bale related, this is not a personal journal.
  4. Please put large images behind a cut.
  5. Please limit the size of images that you post (that are not behind a cut), not everyone has fast internet or a fast computer.
  6. Listen to your mods!
  7. Refer more fans to this community!
That's all!

I look forward to seeing this community grow :).

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